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Research Cooperation at Wrocław University of Science and Technology.


Wrocław University of Science and Technology, as the region's biggest technical tertiary institute, has been setting trends and directions of the development of research oriented towards the challenges of the contemporary science and economy.  Its 16 faculties undertake scientific and research activities allowing the it to provide a business offering comprising over 400 specialised studies, technologies and expert evaluations across 26 fields of science.


The tertiary institute's laboratories constitute excellent infrastructure boasting modern apparatuses, which – combined with eminent specialists and authorities in a variety of sciences – enable conditions favourable for innovation. Wrocław University of Science and Technology attaches particular importance to research responding to specific demands of diverse industries with their well-developed production infrastructures in the tertiary institute's environment. The University provides support for recipients of innovation and some of the region's key suppliers of new technologies, which is possible thanks to accurate identification of market needs, as well as its specialist knowledge, experience and the creativity of the research staff. The most important testimony to the University's innovation potential is the fact that, since 2011, it has been occupying top places in rankings of public technical tertiary institutes distinguished for the number of patents for inventions and designs filed with the Polish Patent Office. The University is also at the forefront in terms of patents owned, which is a testimony to the efficiency and validity of the research it conducts. In 2012, Wrocław University of Science and Technology was awarded the title of Poland's most innovative tertiary institute.


The results of research conducted at the University contribute to the region's and country's sustainable development. They are applied in industry and help improve living standards, responding to both individual and social needs.
Members of our research staff are keen to become involved in projects important in terms of economy growth. The University supports interdisciplinary research, creating research centres in cooperation with other scientific units; it focuses on pro-innovation studies aiming to increase the region's competitiveness. By being a member of clusters and consortia, it enables knowledge transfer through research commissioned by domestic business entities as well as scientific institutes and foreign companies, including CERN, European Space Agency, Microsoft and Siemens. It undertakes innovative initiatives enabled by agreements with domestic and international leaders of diverse market sectors, such as IBM, Microsoft, Volvo, KGHM Polska Miedź S. A., 3M, PGE GiEK S.A., and many other enterprises.


Research works conducted at Wrocław University of Science and Technology entail numerous activities, such as:

  • domestic and international projects carried out in line with best global standards,
  • extensive research offer for entrepreneurs, whose comprehensiveness and flexibility makes it possible to optimally deliver even the most elaborate projects,
  • consultancy provided by experts solving problems including those beyond the scope of a single field of science,
  • tens of long-term agreements of comprehensive cooperation – from training of Lower Silesian enterprises' staff all the way through to joint scientific research aiming to implement new technological solutions and products, as well as increase these companies' competitiveness on Polish and global markets,
  • research laboratories boasting unique apparatuses,
  • network of accredited laboratories with European-grade technological potential offering research on whose basis products being launched receive the "CE" marking,
  • joint pro-innovation activities within clusters, consortia and centres whose members are not only tertiary institutes but also enterprises and research institutes from all over the world,
  • the largest number of patents received (with 90% success ratio) as against other Polish technical universities,
  • education in mind with the problems of the contemporary industry, e.g. two-year MSc studies in the English language: mathematics for industry, as part of the European Consortium Mathematics for Industry (ECMI) initiative.

In accordance with the concept of the knowledge-based economy, Wrocław University of Science and Technology has established the Centre for Cooperation between Science and Economy, a unit specialising in relations between researchers and external entities. The centre ensures partnership-based and efficient delivery of tasks in the area of knowledge transfer, which is reflected by successful scientific research conducted jointly with the University.

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