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A new achievement in the world's leading Physical Science journal


A new research result: “Allele fixation probability in a Moran model with fluctuating fitness landscapes” belonging to the Physics Scientists of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) was published in the world famous journal “Physical Review E”, one of research journals of the American Physical Society. Physical Review E is a journal of the ISI Index with Impact Factor (IF) of 2,366 [according to Journal Citation Reports; Clarivate, United States]; and H-index is 249 [according to SJR; Spain]. In TDTU's ranking system of international scientific publications, Physical Review E is classified as Statistics and Probability of SJR.

This publication helps to examine the effect of the concentration of sensitive substances and pH effects of the environment. Theoretical measurements used both HOMO-LUMO synthetic and energy dimer geometry. The study found out the pH scale and the optimal concentration of sensitive substances in the reaction medium; and the high hydrogen yield from water extraction was 138.3 μmol (348 TONs) with the dye WPTZ2TS.


Screenshot of the ranking of Physical Review E Journal.

The main author of the research paper is Dr. David Saakian, researcher of the Advanced Institute of Materials Science (AIMaS) of TDTU. This is the result of a long and elaborate study. With very high quality requirements, Physical Review E only accepts pioneering research results.david-saakian-02.png

Picture of the article in Physical Review E

Dr. David Saakian has published 109 research papers in prestigious ISI journals, and is currently one of the strongest researchers at AIMaS, TDTU