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Joint- Training Program


Ton Duc Thang University

The joint-training programs with international universities with the first phase in Vietnam and the second phase of study and graduating at a foreign university in the training system of TDTU. Among 137 universities in the world, TDTU chooses to associate itself  with prestigious universities in countries which have  advanced education system  in the world but with low training costs and many incentives for students of TDTU such as United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Malaysia, and Taiwan, etc. Students will study phase 1 (2-3 years) at TDTU and transfer to phase 2 (1-2 years) at partner universities abroad.

After graduating from a foreign university in phase 2, students will be awarded a degree by the foreign university as a full time student in a foreign country (non-discrimination of diplomas between students who study full-time or only phase 2 in a foreign country). Especially, if they enroll in a dual degree program, in addition to the degree of foreign universities, they also receive the internationally recognized Bachelor degree from TDTU.

More information available online here. 

Tomas Bata University

Tomas Bata University is a member of numerous international organizations.

TBU in Zlín has signed Bilateral Agreements with universities in Europe and Partnership Contracts with partner institutions in Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, etc.

One of the ways of developing internationalization at TBU is getting involved in international projects (educational / research & development).

International educational projects increase the prestige of the University overseas and help develop relationships between institutions in different areas, e.g. student/academic staff mobility, preparation and implementation of joint degree programmes, transfer of knowledge and experience between partners, joint conferences, supporting quality, impact on the institution’s position in the world university rankings, etc.

VSB Technical University of Ostrava

VSB-TUO offers a wide range of high quality, English taught study programmes for international students, as well as double-degree and joint-degree study programmes with universities in the U.K., China, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, and Vietnam.

VSB-TUO applies principles of the Bologna Declaration and ECTS, thus facilitating an efficient inter-university credit transfer, enabling students to study abroad, obtain a scholarships for foreign study, and generally benefit from European standards and programmes.