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UCN International Days 2019

University College of Northern Denmark

Participating in the International Days at UCN is an opportunity to share knowledge and experience within your educational field and to get professional competence development in an international setting. As an international guest lecturer, you will be invited to collaborate with UCN lecturers to discuss and share experiences on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. During the days, focus will be given to all 17 goals, however Goal No. 4: Quality in Education will be the centre of our discussions. By organising the International Days this way, we hope to build and develop international learning environments within higher education and further strengthen our professional networks and partnerships around the integration of the Global Goals in our study programmes thereby making a valuable contribution to an internationalised curriculum by addressing global challenges with local solutions.

We are now inviting our partner universities and colleagues to join us for our International Days. The International Days will feature presentations, lectures, workshops, visits to companies and institutions committed to achieve the sustainable development goals, and of course networking opportunities for the participants.